FISH FISH DOCTOR OK ! ( Garra Rufa )
The protagonists of these innovative systems minnows Love Fish Ok ! , Are the Garra Rufa , of the family Cyprinidae , also known under the synonym of Kangal fish (place where this practice was begun in 1870 ) or Doctor Fish Ok ! .
They are freshwater fish , originally present in Turkey , Iran, Syria and aquifers a little ' throughout the Middle East ;
These particular small fish live in water at high temperatures up to 30 ° -36 ° , so with a high metabolism which makes them particularly vibrant and always at work in Love Fish Ok ! System;
They reach a maximum of 7 cm and the average duration of their natural lives wanders from 5-7 years if kept properly and according to the conditions and care devoted to them (see Chapter maintenance)
Our Doctor Fish Ok ! , Are the originals and certified Garra Rufa , from farms and captive breeding centers , specialized centers Europeans and previously quarantined , housed and subjected to controls of ASL territorial , at our centers of the Italian PTL Group before being placed safely in Love Fish Ok ! System;
They have no teeth , but the prominent lips that secrete a particular enzyme Dithranol ( Diathanol ) , useful for the treatment of icthiotherapy , ending the cell division, due to hardening of the skin, ie, with exfoliation of the cuticle , through sweet micro basins ( some hundred per minute , which is why " Love Fish Ok !") with painless indeed actually quite pleasant , as with the micro massaging pulses that stimulate a rejuvenating anti-stress effect , making the skin incredibly soft, healthy , smooth and shiny , but so completely natural.
There were no reported infections or special contraindications , as claimed by the British authorities ( Healt Protection Agency ), which has explicitly stated and excluding any type of problem type sanitary , indeed many patients have achieved amazing results , both aesthetic and curative psoriasis ( 3% of the Italian population , about 250,000 units), dermatitis and eczema .




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